Offering high quality voice over services, at SINKER MEDIA, we only work with the most talented native language voice over artists in the industry.
With our ever-expanding voice database of more than 200 voice talents of all age groups and voice types, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and to achieve this we guarantee nothing but authentic and natural sounding voice overs for your projects.

So, whether you need a Serbian voice over for a TV ad, a Montenegrin voice over for a corporate video, or a collection of Croatian voice overs to localize your e-learning materials, we are sure to have the perfect voice over artists for you.

What is Voice Over?

Voice over, in very simple language, is a production technique, widely used in a radio, filmmaking, theatre, television production and other allied presentations. The voice over artists read the scripts for creating overlaying recording, in order to provide additional information to the audience.
Hence, important information which is not available in visual shots can be easily understood via voice-over content.
While news broadcasts use voice-overs to add context to images and videos, the cinema often uses the service for the narration of important plot elements.

What voice over services are available?

The most common industries where voice overs are common are:

  • Advertising and films
  • Promotional material
  • E-Learning and training video
  • Video games

At SINKER MEDIA, we are able to provide voice overs for the above industries. We can adapt to suit your requirements.
So if you have a project outside the aforementioned categories, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
One of our friendly team members will advise you on how SINKER MEDIA can work with you.

Need of Voice-Over Services

Something that speaks for your brand should always be professional and fascinating.
Hence, if you are launching an ad, product trailer or video games you need to make sure that the voice within the presentation(s) is attractive and clear enough to persuade the target audience.
Especially for global organizations, voice over plays an important role, as a powerful voice explaining the video is much productive than a simple text.
If you are targeting a non-native audience, voice over can be of great help.
Depending on the culture and language of the target masses, the voice over script can be molded (translated) in any number of language combinations.

Tell us what you are looking for – we’ll be happy to send you voice samples!

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