SINKER MEDIA delivers high-end dubbing, voice-over and sound recording services for a wide range of audiovisual applications - from animated feature films and TV series to Commercials, e-learning, training modules and much more. 
With our specialized dubbing team that includes translators, adaptors, dubbing artists, recordists and directors, we are able to guarantee a high quality, vivid dubbed output.

Dubbing is quite different than voice over.
Dubbing should come across as a subtle, smooth, unnoticeable feature.
Voice overs enhance productions with a creative element while dubbing is a technique that should be invisible to the audience.
Its purpose is usually to either replace unusable sound or change a language.
For instance, old sound can be replaced with new or an English film can be dubbed in Spanish to broaden the audience.
With the proper techniques, dubbing will go unnoticed and just be a smooth part of the film.

Dubbing services can fulfill the requirements of dubbing.
With professional expertise, the dubbing should be invisible.
Because dubbing requires multiple steps and often multiple experts, it is worthwhile to reach out to a service.
Otherwise, a novice dubbing job will be a distraction. This distraction could ruin an otherwise successful project.

Types Of Dubbing We Offer :

  •  Voice Dubbing
  •  Narration Dubbing
  •  Movie Dubbing
  •  Telephonic Dubbing
  •  TV Series Dubbing
  •  Entertainment Dubbing
  •  Animation Dubbing
  •  Commercial Dubbing
  •  Documentary Dubbing
  •  Language Dubbing
  •  Theatrical Dubbing
  •  Industry Dubbing
  •  Live action Dubbing
  •  Multilingual Dubbing
  •  Voice over Dubbing
  •  Corporate Dubbing
  •  Dubbing Combination
  •  Industrial Dubbing

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